30+ Outrageous Photos That Will Test Your Patience


Some things are universally frustrating such as a scratched nonstick pan, an unevenly cut pizza and an unorganized wallet.

Yet we see idiots doing things like that everywhere all the time. If you’re like Monica from friends, things like that will trigger your OCD.


Listed in this post are 30 outrageous photos that will test your patience to the limit. If you know a friend who likes things proper and organized, tag them in this post to mess with their head.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 A test for golden fish .

  2. 2 A very odd tissue roll.

  3. 3 Whats wrong with the photographer

  4. 4 That's probably a mascot.

  5. 5 I am so uncomfortable


  6. 6 That's very confusing.

  7. 7 Mildly infuriating lights in a hotel

  8. 8 Someone tell her mustaches are for dudes...

  9. 9 Minion's Evolution .

  10. 10 Outlaw Hot dog

  11. 11 These cotton swabs are completely black.

  12. 12 That's a dentist wedding ring.

  13. 13 Is that any kind of reptile human hybrid.

  14. 14 Who is this donut's murderer .

  15. 15 Was searching for an image of someone holding a soda can and found this...

  16. 16 Ready to kill when someone does that in you fav concert.

  17. 17 Felling sorry for her mom.

  18. 18 Time to leave Earth.

  19. 19 My Aunt's hand soap is way too literal and makes me uncomfortable.

  20. 20 Meaty Biber.

  21. 21 That's frustrating .

  22. 22 But how will you walk that way.

  23. 23 A very unorganized wallet.

  24. 24 When the bus is full packed and you see this !

  25. 25 I disown that pizza shop.

  26. 26 sed lyf...

  27. 27 who covers a Cabbage in Nutella.

  28. 28 That's disappointing.

  29. 29 Never give a marker to child when he is home alone .

  30. 30 Only a pet keeper knows that struggle.

  31. 31 An apple with a belly button

  32. 32 He didn't went to school I guess .

  33. 33 The door on this house


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