20+ Photos Proving Our World is a Crazy Place


The world is facing a divide. We’re seeing one extreme of people who’re super obsessed with careers, learning and knowledge, and another extreme of people who simply don’t give a damn.

This post is about the latter group. The ones who’re living in their own bubble without caring about the progress happening outside it. These people often end up coming up with hilariously crazy stuff either because they’re having fun doing it or because they’re too lazy to come up with something useful.


Listed in this post are photos of some of the craziest stuff caught on camera. You’ll be laughing out loud by the time you finish up the list.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 That's what the sign says, no?!

  2. 2 When all the people in your workplace are Jurassic Park fans

  3. 3 Wanna go for a dip?

  4. 4 Improvisation 101


  5. 5 God bless the butts

  6. 6 Anyone got some steel teeth that I could borrow?

  7. 7 Your game is strong AF if you can make a girl laugh like that

  8. 8 When phone booths went outdated, the municipality had better ideas

  9. 9 When winter is here and you don't feel like swimming at all

  10. 10 My streetlight brought it's kid along

  11. 11 T Rex Corp Limited

  12. 12 Houston, We've got a situation

  13. 13 In emergencies, you've gotta adopt

  14. 14 Fast and Furious 8

  15. 15 Talk about having a unique taste

  16. 16 That explains the viral Pikachu meme

  17. 17 I'm in love physics

  18. 18 The Lady's ride

  19. 19 Summer time is here

  20. 20 Haven't seen this kinda love for the country

  21. 21 Give her a present she won't forget

  22. 22 Can't beat the additional horsepower this ride has

  23. 23 Me when someone says Pizza

  24. 24 Well that didn't go according to plan

  25. 25 It's a long journey to ground level and we're bored, that calls for Scrabble!!

  26. 26 Triple thumbs up

  27. 27 Going backpacking for the rest of my life

  28. 28 A Russian's idea of a vacation

  29. 29 That has to go down in the Guinness book of World Records

  30. 30 Due to the shutter speed, the wings of this little bird trying to get a bit of food seem to be in a different position in the mirror.

  31. 31 You don't wanna call shotgun on this car ride

  32. 32 This bank doesn't really trust machinery

  33. 33 A good wife can bring balance to your life.


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