Photographer Shows How Ordinary Things Can be Used in a Photography to Get Coolest Shots


Did you know that almost 95 million photos and videos get shared on Instagram every day? That’s why nowadays; social media is full of mesmerizing photos that depict perfection in many of the big and small moments in life. But, guess what? Folks! it is always interesting to see all “behind the scenes”, especially when it comes to professional photography because you get a lot of inspirational ideas for your own photo-shoots. They’re not only useful in revealing the reality behind those pitch-perfect social media photos, but they also make us realize the hard physical work that photographers have to go can be possible if only we get to know their tricks.

Jordi Koalitic, a Spanish photographer encourages you to look for more ways that will turn an ordinary photo into a cool shot by sharing BTS of his stunning work. Scroll on to see some of them in the list below and enjoy peeps! Give a try to some of his tricks, we bet you’ll have a lot of fun!


More Info: Jordi Koalitic

  1. 1 That is so cool.

  2. 2 Just what a little sprinkles can do.

  3. 3 Perfectly framed.

  4. 4 Read between the lines.


  5. 5 This guy is very creative.

  6. 6 Battle chains.

  7. 7 Losing your marbles.

  8. 8 Return to the earth.

  9. 9 Shattered.

  10. 10 The level of detail is astounding.

  11. 11 Amazing what you can do with wet tennis balls.

  12. 12 Fruit Ninja.

  13. 13 Is that supposed to be someone's head.

  14. 14 Water bending.

  15. 15 Popcorn's my favorite.

  16. 16 Time to reflect.

  17. 17 Keep yourself grounded.


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