20+ Perfectly Timed Photos Taken Right Before Disaster Strikes


Thanks to smartphones, nothing escapes the eye of the camera. Even moments right before the disaster strikes can be captured on camera revealing the raw expressions of everyone who witnesses the event. In this post, we have collected photos that do just that.

As you scroll through these photos, you’ll definitely admire the skill of the photographers that captured these photos.  The perilous expressions of everyone in the scene will make you a bit anxious yourself for the unfortunate victims shown in these photos.


Scroll through the images, and share your favorite photos with the photographers in your list.

  1. 1 Are you also imagining the splash sound in your head?

  2. 2 It's coming for you

  3. 3 Pick your desired target

  4. 4 Kitty's going for the bite attack


  5. 5 My Jesus moment

  6. 6 Rock solid

  7. 7 Another spilled drink at a party picture

  8. 8 He's going for the impossible save

  9. 9 That's gonna hurt

  10. 10 The weekend we played quidditch

  11. 11 I can hear his nuts cracking

  12. 12 He'll know what the earth tastes like

  13. 13 That bridal dress would need some repairing

  14. 14 She was describing how yummy this muffin's gonna be

  15. 15 You just gotta believe

  16. 16 "Do a photography project of people throwing stuff at you, they said. It'll be fun, they said."

  17. 17 Someone's losing an eye soon

  18. 18 Slipping through life like

  19. 19 My worst nightmare turned true

  20. 20 Almost 12 years ago my Dad caught a picture so rare that no one believed us when we told them. Today I finally found the picture to prove it...

  21. 21 So my brother tried to play football...

  22. 22 And continues...

  23. 23 She asked for it

  24. 24 Catches win matches

  25. 25 I always focus on the wrong things

  26. 26 Grip game not too strong

  27. 27 About time you feel the manly pain my friend

  28. 28 King Kong in the house

  29. 29 9 stories shorter

  30. 30 We all know how this is gonna end up


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