Perfectly Placed Googly Eyes Can Make Anyone Laugh Instantly (36 Photos)


Do you agree that googly eyes make everything better? We bet you do! The act of adding a pair of googly eyes to something is a funny web joke that leaked into the real world many years ago. It’s also known as eye bombing too, surprised much? Well, if you didn’t know about it up till now then probably peeps you have been living in outer space for this long *wink* because there’s even an entire subreddit devoted to the art of eye bombing.


The beauty of googly eyes is that they can turn anything into something funny and cute ranging from artistic statues to random trees or door locks to framed photographs. On occasion, googly eyes can also be used to add a creepy touch to a photo or an item. It depends on how people use them to set the mood. Scroll on to see our curated list of 36 photos where people perfectly placed googly eyes to take everyone around them on a laughing trip. Take a look and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 He looks like he'll eat that thing whole.

  2. 2 The joys of being a can of Coke..

  3. 3 The noble raptor

  4. 4 A good way of dealing with that annoying coworker.


  5. 5 What you lookin' at fool.

  6. 6 He looks like he's holding in a big one.

  7. 7 I would feel really guilty driving over these.

  8. 8 That's the face I'd make too if I saw a knife that big.

  9. 9 Had a bad sandwich for lunch?

  10. 10 Is it me or does it look like he just burped.

  11. 11 That's what people feel like when they get mail. It's just so different now.

  12. 12 Thanks for giving me gas at the weirdest moments.

  13. 13 Probably shouldn't have drank so much.

  14. 14 The face you make when you eat a lemon.

  15. 15 Just sending out positive vibes.

  16. 16 At least he has someone to wipe away those tears.

  17. 17 When you know you're gonna shit as soon as they change your diaper.

  18. 18 Even Jesus is shocked by what you're doing with your life.

  19. 19 Someone must have told a pretty funny joke.

  20. 20 Oh, hey there little hobbits.

  21. 21 Can you hold my hair back please. It's getting really annoying.

  22. 22 Two headed dog.

  23. 23 Nom, nom, nom, nom.

  24. 24 Some fierce eyes Eh?

  25. 25 I've Never Seen Such Enthusiasm For Barbecue

  26. 26 I think I got a defected model. Can I get it exchanged for a better one?

  27. 27 Adds a whole new level of creepy to bath sponges.

  28. 28 Smile for the camera.

  29. 29 The only thing keeping me going.

  30. 30 You Can Try Googly Eyes on Everything, Yes! Everything

  31. 31 Why is your little toe grimacing at me?

  32. 32 Always sleep with one eye open.

  33. 33 They're watching.

  34. 34 They more accurately depict his personality.

  35. 35 My salsa wasn't feeling very good today.

  36. 36 Single googly-eyed Beyonce.


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