30 Funny Accidents Captured at Perfect Time


If you’re a fan of perfectly timed photos then you’re at the right place.

In this post we have listed up some of the most hilarious photographs of accidents captured just at the right moment.  The photographers who have taken these photos must be commended for their expertise. It isn’t easy to capture moments like these on camera; even a second’s pause in taking the photo would have been too late.


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  1. 1 Me and bae fighting over the TV remote

  2. 2 She's probably not a good keeper...

  3. 3 Down we go

  4. 4 My doggo just went supernatural on me


  5. 5 Photogenic people be like

  6. 6 Open you eyes before it all starts falling mister

  7. 7 Initiating bite sequence

  8. 8 Healthy Christmas Bells

  9. 9 Animals Switching domains

  10. 10 That new suit ain't new anymore

  11. 11 Not even close!

  12. 12 My dog when I throw food at him

  13. 13 Ruined the party

  14. 14 Entering Monday like

  15. 15 My puppy's good with fragile items

  16. 16 That's my cat's daily workout plan

  17. 17 When you know you're f**ked

  18. 18 Can you take one for the team?

  19. 19 Straight down the booty lane

  20. 20 I hope he can swim

  21. 21 Ruff and naughty

  22. 22 Ankle sprains come as an add on with long heels

  23. 23 Some place is gonna be without toilets tonight

  24. 24 Waiting for the perfect storm

  25. 25 I've given birth to Superman

  26. 26 Friendship goals

  27. 27 Throwback to Spiderman One

  28. 28 The embrace of water is coming

  29. 29 Street Fighter 2.0

  30. 30 Let me give you a proper shave


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