30+ People Who Brilliantly Turn Their Scars Into Tattoos (New Photos)


Scars aren’t something that you should be ashamed off, they should rather be worn as medals of your struggles.

Different people treat their scars differently. Some people let them be, others cover them up with clothes, and then there are others who adorn their scars with brilliant tattoos.  This post is dedicated to the third category.


Listed up in this post are awesome photos of people who have covered their scars with tattoos. Do you know anyone with a prominent scar? Share this post with them to give them some brilliant tattoo ideas.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Open up to search for his brain

  2. 2 The angel gave me these scars

  3. 3 Holding on to the string of life

  4. 4 Knitting some patterns


  5. 5 This thumbs up will make your day

  6. 6 Get the Harry Potter reference?

  7. 7 Flowers can also blossom in barren lands

  8. 8 One to cheer all the kids

  9. 9 A garden of bullets

  10. 10 The knot of life

  11. 11 God made you beautiful

  12. 12 Some scars are worth remembering

  13. 13 Guess what's my favorite animal?

  14. 14 Help me name my pet...

  15. 15 Saturn rings are magical. Aren't they?

  16. 16 Some green to light up the eyes

  17. 17 Enhancing the appearance by a mile

  18. 18 Almost zipped up

  19. 19 A flower worth admiration

  20. 20 Scar turned to birds

  21. 21 Plenty of fish in the sea

  22. 22 When spring arrives

  23. 23 There's finally life in the lonely lands

  24. 24 Perfect color scheme

  25. 25 Flowers can grow in the most barren lands. All you need is a bit of hope.

  26. 26 Transforming lives through art

  27. 27 The perfect evolution

  28. 28 My decorated self

  29. 29 From eye of the tiger to the whole tiger himself

  30. 30 Unicorns and rainbows, what more do you ask for?

  31. 31 The battle with scars. Guess who won?!

  32. 32 Let it all out


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