20+ Times People Found Sleeping In Funny and Weird Places (New Photos)


Some people can’t sleep anywhere except their own bed. They have trouble sleeping in hotels and guest houses during trips, and then there are others who can sleep anywhere! They don’t even need a bed to sleep; they can even sleep sitting or standing up. This post is about the latter category of people.

In this post we have listed up hilarious photos of people snoozing off in completely random places.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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  1. 1 Touch down at the airport

  2. 2 Space issues? No problem

  3. 3 Kiss me through the phone... and put me to sleep?

  4. 4 That's why it's called the rest room


  5. 5 Dozing off when given the chance is an art

  6. 6 One comfy pot!!

  7. 7 No transport today

  8. 8 Playing with danger

  9. 9 When you get kicked out of the hotel room

  10. 10 Came here for breakfast..

  11. 11 No U-turns allowed

  12. 12 Nice Trick To Sleep In A Short Place

  13. 13 That's my kitty's sleeping paradise

  14. 14 Just a few more minutes

  15. 15 Chilling like a boss

  16. 16 No security till noon

  17. 17 Every truck driver's daily nap

  18. 18 Finally found the shoulder to sleep upon

  19. 19 Hard workers be like

  20. 20 I don't need no seat

  21. 21 When you love gadget shopping too much

  22. 22 Suicide squad

  23. 23 Workaholics on the weekends

  24. 24 Dream on

  25. 25 Power nap before school

  26. 26 Dressed to impress

  27. 27 Over time hours be like

  28. 28 Bed on the go

  29. 29 Whenever I start studying

  30. 30 Flight delayed? no worries

  31. 31 Hiding in his dreams

  32. 32 When you're too secretive about your naps


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