People Of The NYC Subway (30 Hilarious Encounters)


The New York City Subway is the world’s largest rapid transit system owned by the City of New York with 472 stations in operation.  Since a lot of NYC folks travel on the subway every day, it is actually quite common to see uncommon things there.


From men dressed as grassy monsters, foxes, rhinoceros or even scarecrow to women with green legs, puppies in bags or kitten on laps, we have listed down 30 hilarious photos that show the weirdest and funniest stuff people encounter on the NYC subway every once in a while. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 When you're not sure about the weather

  2. 2 What the soothing subway motion can do to you

  3. 3 Control the meat already

  4. 4 She must love the blue shade


  5. 5 What is she, stripper police?

  6. 6 I love NYC sometimes

  7. 7 Doing some monk yoga on my way to work

  8. 8 Monday morning faces

  9. 9 Next station, The Swamp!

  10. 10 Subway fashion surprise for today

  11. 11 Because standing is too mainstream

  12. 12 Checking if he's still alive

  13. 13 I'm not going near that thing

  14. 14 His day doesn't look to be fun

  15. 15 How can see from in there?

  16. 16 I would want to know the story behind this attire

  17. 17 All kind of creatures all welcome on the public transport

  18. 18 The Princess is here

  19. 19 I've got my eyes on you

  20. 20 Breakfast time

  21. 21 Ash's Pikachu looks kinda broken

  22. 22 Makeup overload.

  23. 23 Friendly neighborhood superhero

  24. 24 What a birthday surprise

  25. 25 Art exhibition on the go

  26. 26 The only horse rider you need to see today

  27. 27 Just a business man riding the subway

  28. 28 Wait What?!

  29. 29 Two faced woman

  30. 30 In a world full of iPhones, try the Gillette Mark 2


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