27 Times People Were Hilariously Savage


Some people have an absolutely savage sense of humor. Their brain is always cooking up trouble and hilarious plans for pranking others around them. They don’t just target their friends and family, they’ll even target random strangers on the street with carefully planned jokes.

People like that sure keep things lively and interesting. That is why they’re often forgiven for their tricks and left to create more mischief.


Listed in this post are hilarious photos showing mischief created by people with a savage sense of humor. If you know someone who is capable of pranks like these then share this post with them to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Did helicopters get cheaper?

  2. 2 You know nothing Jon Snow

  3. 3 This watch your step sign at a restaurant I was at today

  4. 4 This tip I received as a pizza delivery driver!


  5. 5 The time is half past whatever

  6. 6 Someone put glasses on the floor of a museum and people thought it was art

  7. 7 Solve the riddle

  8. 8 Milk.. wants to live??

  9. 9 My aunt gave birth this morning and my grandpa is obviously very excited

  10. 10 Just don't!

  11. 11 Traffic Jams, what are those?

  12. 12 Time to ponder

  13. 13 Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean bc he's not home. So I made a Princess D shrine in his room

  14. 14 He's cute. Isn't he?

  15. 15 It's been 90 minutes

  16. 16 Lmaoo! my professor really brought a coffin to class to say “yall test scores had me dead”

  17. 17 Me as a mom!

  18. 18 Feed the lost dog

  19. 19 Pika Pikaa?

  20. 20 What are those guys for?

  21. 21 What a sticky dress

  22. 22 What I mean by extra cheese

  23. 23 So my friend got drunk and bet me he could fit an entire box of straws in his mouth...did not disappoint.

  24. 24 Friend got drunk - D-Bag friends played Jenga on his face

  25. 25 50-50

  26. 26 Play the poopy song

  27. 27 The most dangerous selfie ever taken


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