30+ People Who are Already Living in 3017


On the surface, we’re living in 2018. But is everyone? There are those who walk among us with brains that make you wonder if they’re really from this age and time or not. The way they behave, they seem like people who have traveled back in time from the future. You’ll see these people coming up with creative life hacks to sort through everyday life problems that boggle all of us down.


Listed in this post are hilarious photos of people who seem to be living in 3017. Scroll down peeps and enjoy.

  1. 1 This guy knows how to chill at beach

  2. 2 Best use of power cable

  3. 3 Guy took pictures of Yankees vs Mariners all night like this

  4. 4 A genius man is growing


  5. 5 A warm bath and movie side by side

  6. 6 When a former engineer turned stay-at-home dad!

  7. 7 Getting a haircut and using phone at the same time

  8. 8 Welcome to the future, Students!

  9. 9 Maybe there is no more blue tooth in future

  10. 10 Social networks will look totally different!

  11. 11 Shower on the go....

  12. 12 Best way to avoid dish washing

  13. 13 Welcome to the future, young people

  14. 14 When you prove, that you are the real good boy

  15. 15 A hack for girls

  16. 16 We all are living in 2018 and this kid is already living in 3017

  17. 17 The instant natural lemonade!

  18. 18 You all getting lung cancer in 2018 and this guy is revolutionizing the process in 3017

  19. 19 How to get away with a murder

  20. 20 Thats how we will be cooking in future

  21. 21 Train rides in future be like

  22. 22 We lives in 2018 and he is in 2098!

  23. 23 This dude living in 3017 finally found a solution for short cords

  24. 24 Time to say good bye to old technology

  25. 25 The future of cheating is here

  26. 26 He did it, when it was not even cool

  27. 27 You all using the old umbrellas, while this women invents her own version of it

  28. 28 A genius way to protect yourself from sun

  29. 29 I asked Mom for a charger. She said, "Call for the dog." Mom is from 3017.

  30. 30 They finally found a solution for screening

  31. 31 My niece is already living in future

  32. 32 Making drinking from bottle a little more classy


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