10+ People Who are Acting Like Real Jerks (New Photos)


Jerks are universal. They can be found in all parts of the world.

You can recognize them by their self-obsessed demeanor and annoyingly self-serving habits. They’ll see and do anything that solves their problem regardless of its consequences for others. You must have many such people at your work place. You may even have some in your family!


In this post we have listed up photos of absolute jerks caught on camera. The 21st picture is the work of a monster, how can anyone do that!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 When the girl in front of you won't get her hair off your desk

  2. 2 Anyone could get betrayed by seeing that icecream box ....

  3. 3 I am not going to this mart anymore

  4. 4 My dad can't figure out why my dog is climbing all over him ...


  5. 5 Yeah he is sleeping upside down on the plane

  6. 6 Sorry not sorry !

  7. 7 I came home from school, i went to my room and then i saw this... I THOUGHT MY MOM BROUGHT ME A MAC BOOK

  8. 8 Woman using drinking fountain as a doggie bidet in NYC central park.

  9. 9 Who eats pizza like that

  10. 10 Not my duty !

  11. 11 My brother pulled out a prank my mom

  12. 12 She's got no idea

  13. 13 Gotta an absolute jerk in the town...

  14. 14 Who the F***k brings a bag of chopped red onions to school just to throw them in the toilet

  15. 15 Need to call a dentist ASAP !

  16. 16 My co-workers heard i'm vegan,and its's my birthday.They got me this ...

  17. 17 Ordered new sneakers, asked little brother for pics while I'm at work.

  18. 18 Probably a Shopaholic

  19. 19 See this is an educated crazy ex,she didn't break anything just made it super annoying to get inside the cardd

  20. 20 This is what my mom came home to tonight. Oh, siblings.

  21. 21 Yes! he is drying his socks on the planes window

  22. 22 Well there's a humongous mice in the town i guess

  23. 23 My sister gifted me this on my birthday

  24. 24 There's a cookie screwed on the table

  25. 25 My husband is a monster

  26. 26 Ever wondered how dirty a mart's trolley could get

  27. 27 This cant be real ... i cant be seeing this ...

  28. 28 My wife brought this to my office

  29. 29 A true jerk

  30. 30 Pure Evil

  31. 31 He did what he wanted to

  32. 32 I asked my friend to put a dust-proof cover on my car and this is what he did...

  33. 33 Hate it when people do it to children

  34. 34 The danger of having an April 1st birthday and funny mom...

  35. 35 Is this the absolute meanest man on the internet ?

  36. 36 When you're used to older siblings

  37. 37 Thanks little brother!!


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