42 People Acting Like Real Jerks


Let’s face it; our world is full of people who act like real jerks.

We’ve all had our experiences with them. Some may have them as strangers during high school, grocery shopping or even at the airport while others have plenty of jerks in their social circle of family and friends. Their self-obsessed attitude and annoyingly self-serving habits can seriously get on our last nerve.


In this post, we have listed up photos of absolute jerks caught on camera. These photos prove that when it comes to manners there is still a long way to go for humanity.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 I was walking out from my home while i was on phone and saw this today .....

  2. 2 Some people don't know the literal meaning of hygiene

  3. 3 Littering isn't a joke

  4. 4 This is what my brother did to hide his chocolate !


  5. 5 Looking eye to eye now

  6. 6 This is a disgrace to pizza

  7. 7 My friend did this with his sister

  8. 8 Well Cling Wrap is never a good idea !

  9. 9 Early morning parking problems

  10. 10 Moments before magic happened

  11. 11 If this doesn't make you hungry, nothing can

  12. 12 Guess What can a single girl do to a shoe store

  13. 13 I just took one bite

  14. 14 Could easily give a heart attack to your boy friend

  15. 15 Taking things a little too far??

  16. 16 I helped my sister celebrate completing the first day of her diet by stocking the fridge with her favorite snacks

  17. 17 I guess this toilet is for giants !

  18. 18 Now We can wait him to react on this surprise !

  19. 19 Football is a dirty game LOL

  20. 20 I hit a deer yesterday and this is what my dad sent me this morning !

  21. 21 I was jogging down the street while i saw this pyromaniac !

  22. 22 This ought to do the job

  23. 23 Get ready for some innovative fragrances

  24. 24 Some people just want to watch the world Burn !

  25. 25 This must have an interesting backstory

  26. 26 That is the worst date !

  27. 27 Disguise = 1000

  28. 28 Someone surely had personal grudges with the mason

  29. 29 This is what i do to my lil brother

  30. 30 My colleague played this prank on me

  31. 31 There's always that one A**Hole in your class

  32. 32 What kind of human race do that !

  33. 33 This is cute but evil at same time

  34. 34 Since 1st April is near

  35. 35 DO NOT DROP

  36. 36 MrTire this is not a good way to advertise

  37. 37 My Room mate likes to move my towel when he showers

  38. 38 When you wanna have the whole road to yourself

  39. 39 Joker likes to flirt

  40. 40 Kids just got trolled real bad

  41. 41 Toilet panic attack incoming

  42. 42 The toy is responsible


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