26 Parents Showed That Handling Kids Is Fun


Parenting isn’t all about responsibility and discipline that’s just the dark side of the picture; once you get over the initial excitement/shock of having your first baby, you will learn that parenting can be quite fun as well.

Don’t be scared of the responsibility, embrace it and make the best of it.


Sure you have to put with the crying and the feeding of the baby, but when your baby is in a good mood you get to have a lot of fun with them as well. In this post, we have listed 30 photos of parents who’re having fun handling their kids. Scroll on and load up on some of these ideas peeps:


  1. 1 Cute Baby-Burger!

  2. 2 She won't let the dogs live in peace for one minute

  3. 3 Samurai slime time

  4. 4 Father and daughter face swap fun!


  5. 5 Here comes the most "Muture" of the year!

  6. 6 To each their own

  7. 7 Someone hung their child out as they used the toilet

  8. 8 This is Pablo. You don't stare at Pablo.

  9. 9 Carrying all my stuff to the top

  10. 10 Children really aren't my cup of tea

  11. 11 Silence of the middle child

  12. 12 Can it get any cuter?

  13. 13 Seems safe....

  14. 14 The only way to keep my little one around for longer than 2 minutes

  15. 15 He said "I am a big man now"

  16. 16 She's been sleeping for an hour with the makeup on

  17. 17 Summer time is play time

  18. 18 Sleep break during the driving lesson

  19. 19 Daddy will look better with makeup!

  20. 20 They said it was yummy

  21. 21 You're in my seat woman!!

  22. 22 Gotta take care of the real wild one

  23. 23 Mothers and their insecurities

  24. 24 Because photos are obviously more important

  25. 25 Make it a little pink this time

  26. 26 Meanwhile, in a parallel universe


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