30 Times Everyday Objects Hilariously Look Like Something Else


Have you ever stumbled across a peanut that’s shaped like a bird? Seems pretty cool right? Turns out you’re experiencing pareidolia . That’s just a fancy term used to explain the phenomena that causes to see your favorite pop characters, animals and even people in simple everyday products.

Listed up in this post are over  30 photos of simple objects looking like something else. Do you Godzilla in the 16th picture? You just experienced Pareidolia.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Well, That's creepy!!

  2. 2 I feel nothing, nothing at all.

  3. 3 Love is everywhere. Can you see it?

  4. 4 My bag has been looking at me like that for an hour now


  5. 5 Grim Reaper says hi

  6. 6 Charizard's shadow .....

  7. 7 This elephant's ear

  8. 8 This is so annoying

  9. 9 Is that a cat or a half fried egg

  10. 10 Always look up...

  11. 11 Anthropomorphism. (what a face)

  12. 12 Not a big deal, just a peanut that looks like a bird.

  13. 13 A very happy plane

  14. 14 Lava skull descending into the ocean

  15. 15 Skrillex?!

  16. 16 Ouch! My Eye!!

  17. 17 Whacky inflatable arm flailing tree man!

  18. 18 T-shirt has seen some scary stuff

  19. 19 When Batman shows up on your smashed fingernail.

  20. 20 It looks like a pregnant Bird

  21. 21 Stack of bacon that looks like a stack of penguins.

  22. 22 “Bro, maybe clean me already?”

  23. 23 This chocolate looks so scrumptious

  24. 24 Chicken Church

  25. 25 I never expected fruit could show such expression!

  26. 26 He is not in mood of salad i suppose

  27. 27 Godzilla Eating The Sun up

  28. 28 This Looks Exactly Like Spiderman saving the world

  29. 29 I Am Groot

  30. 30 The Sorting Cone

  31. 31 This Leaf is cursed and screaming

  32. 32 Found A Stormtrooper When I Was Doing The Dishes

  33. 33 I found Pinocchio's brother

  34. 34 Look Like they are shouting "Take me! Take me!"

  35. 35 Michelin Man begging for mercy.

  36. 36 Look There's a frog in my coffee

  37. 37 The Frozen cat

  38. 38 This Truck Carrying Rolls Of Plastic Looks Like Cookie Monster

  39. 39 This Shopping Bag Holder Looks Like Jar-Jar Binks

  40. 40 This Walnut Look Like Chewbacca

  41. 41 I love you Mummy

  42. 42 "Ooh - I think I hear the recycling truck!"

  43. 43 This sunflower is thrilled to be decaying

  44. 44 Drunk Washing Machine

  45. 45 Oh god! Don't eat me!

  46. 46 When you're really two faced


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