Only Seen in Russia 40 Hysterical Photos


Russia is the world’s largest and amazing country. Its vast landscapes, freshwater lakes, and mesmerizing valleys of geysers combined with its breathtaking Castles make Russia a popular tourist spot. However, if you ever travel to Russia, expect the unexpected because Russians are a passionate race that experiences everything intensely. You’ll see it reflected in the crowd or even on the Russian metro too.

Don’t be surprised if you see people greeting statues there or you may see a man walking in his underpants in a snowstorm. Believe it or not, that is all normal in Russia. So, in this post, we have listed up photos of some of the most hilarious and bizarre rarity scenes only seen in Russia. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.


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  1. 1 Daily Russian Greetings

  2. 2 Help Yourselves

  3. 3 The dress can fit two women at once

  4. 4 Bonding moments


  5. 5 Who's the real bride?

  6. 6 The Vladimir affect

  7. 7 Why women should not drive

  8. 8 Beat these gains

  9. 9 Special Car Decor

  10. 10 The Real OG is here

  11. 11 I don't wanna know what happened after this

  12. 12 Let's go for a dip she said. It will be fun she said.

  13. 13 She's been scaring people at Walmart for the past 30 minutes

  14. 14 Safety comes first

  15. 15 A brilliant Russian romance

  16. 16 Who does it better?

  17. 17 I'm never going there

  18. 18 Clever way to cover up an accident

  19. 19 For those who are late for work

  20. 20 This Russian car's interior!

  21. 21 About to lose the tractor

  22. 22 Now that's an incredibly bold entrance to a Karaoke Club

  23. 23 Artificial beaches be like

  24. 24 When it's cold, anything would do the job

  25. 25 One way to get rid of your car rims

  26. 26 The perfect Halloween combo

  27. 27 Can I get a lift good sir?

  28. 28 Are you a fan of over friendly pets?

  29. 29 They're having the time of their lives

  30. 30 Right up yours

  31. 31 The fluff brigade

  32. 32 Party like you mean it

  33. 33 He's everywhere

  34. 34 When you come to kill her but she convinces you otherwise

  35. 35 One shot rocket launcher

  36. 36 Improvisation in Russia

  37. 37 His friend could really use some help

  38. 38 Explain the sexual orientations here

  39. 39 When you hire corrupt contractors to make the road

  40. 40 You shall not pass

  41. 41 Pool Parties at -20 degree Celsius

  42. 42 Surprise!!


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