20+ Surprising Things You See Only in Switzerland


All cultures have their own bizarre rules, regulations and values that make no sense to anyone that exists outside that culture. These bizarre values manifest in all aspects of the communities belonging to that culture such as their architecture, their attire and even in their way of life. The same rule applies to the people belonging to the Swiss culture.


In Switzerland you will see many things that may seem absurd to you. You’ll even laugh at all the weird things they do. But then again that’s how they will behave when they see the odd things in our culture. It’s funny how we can all be so same and yet so different. Scroll on and enjoy these funny photos of the odd things that one can find in Switzerland.

  1. 1 This compromise willingness

  2. 2 Guess who doesn't care how much your car costs?

  3. 3 That's why I am not a fan of winters

  4. 4 Any Toblerone lovers out there?


  5. 5 In Switzerland, you have a mountain in your bottle

  6. 6 Somewhere near the Lake of Geneva (Switzerland)

  7. 7 The toiletries at my hotel in Switzerland included a rubber ducky!

  8. 8 Must obey this one

  9. 9 People in Switzerland knew Shakespeare better than anyone

  10. 10 Don't miss out on the action

  11. 11 You know it's a unique country when this art is placed on a balcony

  12. 12 Been looking for my cow for hours now

  13. 13 Make friends with me now if you wanna

  14. 14 From the sidewalks of Basel

  15. 15 Safety first

  16. 16 Swiss people surely don't like high heels

  17. 17 Swiss Humour by newly Swissed!!

  18. 18 Swiss air toilets look like this

  19. 19 Innovation at another level

  20. 20 The Swiss fan army

  21. 21 Cow milking contests are a real thing

  22. 22 Switzerland cares for Paleontologists

  23. 23 Your Monday morning fix

  24. 24 There are Starbucks' in Swiss trains

  25. 25 This is a legitimate bus stop

  26. 26 All these pointers are for mountains that are hidden behind thick fog

  27. 27 Swiss people make sure every corner is shining

  28. 28 Architectural masterclass

  29. 29 Shut up and take my money

  30. 30 Just take my money and take me here!


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