30 Surprisingly Bizarre Things You Will See Only in Russia


If you ever travel to Russia, expect the unexpected.

Russians are hardcore. Don’t be surprised if you see a man walking in his underpants in a snow storm. You may even see a women bathing in water surrounded by snow as she works on her laptop. All that is normal.

You’ll even get to see lots of stuff that’s bizarre even according to the Russian standards such as Mercedes logos on slippers and broken cars used as horse carts!


In this post we have listed up photos of some of the most hilarious and bizarre sights seen in Russia. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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  1. 1 Man of the house

  2. 2 Members of the 'Polar Bear' sports club show their passports as they swim in a hole cut in the frozen river Ob in Barnaul before voting in the election

  3. 3 Watering gardens the Russian way

  4. 4 Adidas merchandise only for Russians


  5. 5 The Irtysh river in Russia froze over in an interesting pattern

  6. 6 Go hard or go home

  7. 7 Male feminists be like

  8. 8 The Royal Riders

  9. 9 Russian car enthusiasts sure know how to fix a dent

  10. 10 When fuel prices go up

  11. 11 Improvisation in the digital age

  12. 12 Give them the flipper

  13. 13 To whom it may concern

  14. 14 Guide me home Jarvis

  15. 15 Lazy Sundays in Russia

  16. 16 They do have bears on the streets of Russia.

  17. 17 Russian cosplayer....

  18. 18 Russian customer service

  19. 19 Your girlfriend take away is ready

  20. 20 Taming the beast

  21. 21 Gross yet funny

  22. 22 Terminator's ride

  23. 23 Walk of shame

  24. 24 Croc on the block

  25. 25 A bear toilet paper holder welcomes you in one of the roadside cafes.

  26. 26 What happened to granny

  27. 27 Taking Car modification to another level

  28. 28 Yuri Boyka got angry in the shower

  29. 29 What the guest room toilet looks like

  30. 30 It's gonna be back soon

  31. 31 Russian leg workout

  32. 32 Official BMW merchandise

  33. 33 Birthday Party Games in Russia

  34. 34 Wedding gone wrong..


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