Odd Clothing and Accessory Designs That are Too Much to Handle


Most of us associate fashion with class and charm, but fashion isn’t always charming.  Sometimes fashion is just, eccentric, odd and absurd. Or at least, the sense of fashion in some people is significantly flawed? Are we judging too harshly? See for yourself. 


I mean a boob scarf really? What is that even trying to achieve? You can’t pull that one off even on Halloween. Scroll down to see that and other photos of absurd designs that’ll probably make you question the intellect of the designers that designed these things in the first place:

  1. 1 Belly Bag! LITERALLY!

  2. 2 A pair of spare shoes on top!

  3. 3 If this tiger roar we all gonna die!

  4. 4 Future is now.....!


  5. 5 What should we call it! high heels or shackles?

  6. 6 BRA BAG! This unique trend takes "getting money out your bra" to whole other level.

  7. 7 Fo all bird lovers out there!

  8. 8 I want these Hoof Heels so I can go as a centaur for Halloween!

  9. 9 Cookie couture!

  10. 10 Who doesn't want to wear a clear plastic dress....!

  11. 11 Hilarious boob scarf!

  12. 12 Chain Smoker Cigarette statement necklace by Lotusfairy on Etsy

  13. 13 FUR IS MURDER! Oh, wait. Sorry about that.

  14. 14 Flesh Pants!

  15. 15 Hoodie for ultimate meat lovers!

  16. 16 For the utmost cat lovers!

  17. 17 Excellent footwear for Hurricane preparedness!

  18. 18 For people who like udders....!

  19. 19 Guys..! These really exist! ARE U COURAGEOUS TO TRY?

  20. 20 Hey! My eyes are down here....

  21. 21 Fashion these days....


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