Never Trust Any Stranger With Taking Your Photo Again


Thank God that selfies were invented because asking random strangers to take your photos isn’t always a good idea. Sometimes you’ll come across people who seem to know their way around the camera but they’ll take such absurd photos that your only reaction can always be just a face palm. Either the photos will be completely out of perspective or the photos will be having a huge finger covering the camera cutting out the heads of the group members. We have all been there. 


Listed in this post are hilarious photos ruined by strangers. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Shoutout To The Woman Who Offered To Take A Picture For Us

  2. 2 When You Ask A Stranger To Take A Picture Of Your Family And She Forgets You Have A Son

  3. 3 Photo Fail

  4. 4 We asked a stranger to take a picture of us at the Willis tower in Chicago... Thanks I guess

    Tyler Steffen

  5. 5 What Happens When You Stop Taking Selfies...Photofail

  6. 6 Perfect Composition

  7. 7 Asked a stranger to take our picture. Got this instead!

  8. 8 Asked A Really Tall Guy To Take A Picture Of Me At The Top Of A Mountain On My Hike Yesterday And…

  9. 9 I Asked A Tourist To Take A Photo Of Us With The Three Sisters

  10. 10 When you ask for a picture from the very Italian, grandpa in the park

  11. 11 “Would You Like Me To Take A Photo Of You Two Love Birds?” My Wife: “Yes Please!” Nailed It

  12. 12 This Is The Disadvantage Of Traveling Alone. I Asked A Stranger To Take My PicturE

  13. 13 We Waited Half An Hour To Get This Photo With Scrooge McDuck Because There Was No Way We Were Waiting 75 Minutes To Meet Mickey Or Donald Duck... This Is How Our Photo Turned Out

  14. 14 When You Get To Meet David Stirling And He Agrees To Take A Picture With You And Then You Hand Your Phone To A Complete Stranger To Help Get The Job Done

  15. 15 Boo-Ti-Ful!

  16. 16 The Stranger We Asked To Take Our Picture Made Us Look Like A Meme

  17. 17 I Asked A Stranger To Take A Photo Of My Family In Hawaii. This Is What I Got Back

  18. 18 Asked A Stranger To Take A Picture Of Me With The Mona Lisa...

  19. 19 Asked A Stranger To Take A Picture Of Me When I Was In India. Not Sure It Worked [fixed]

  20. 20 We'll Cherish This One Forever!

  21. 21 This Is The Pic We Asked A Stranger To Take Of Us...

  22. 22 He Pressed The Button When I Was Mid-Sneeze

  23. 23 A Stranger Offered To Take A Picture For Us And This Was The Result

  24. 24 Thank You, Kind Stranger

  25. 25 Asked A Stranger And...

  26. 26 I played my girst gig recently. This is the only photo of me that exists...

  27. 27 This Nice Old Man Offered To Take A Picture Of Us Together

  28. 28 A Man Offered To Take A Picture Of Us And This Was The Result

  29. 29 We May Have Gone To A Yankees Game. We Obviously Can't Prove It

  30. 30 Excuse me. Could you please take our picture? Sure, no problem!

  31. 31 We Rarely Take Photos Together During Our Travels But When We Do Want One, We Usually Ask Someone To Take It. This One Is The Best Of The Worst

  32. 32 God bless this man who offered to take a picture even though he didn't know what an Iphone was

  33. 33 The moment a stranger offers to take your photo in front of the beautiful baroque-facade building and your British politeness kicks in when asked "Is it ok?" Erm..... "Lovely, thank you so much!"


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