30+ People Who Absolutely Nailed It


Thanks to internet and social media, we’ve tons of information on our finger tips. Anything and almost everything can be googled.

We see tons of tutorials on almost all subjects being shared on social media. People follow these tutorials, and some of them even try to recreate what they see. A few lucky ones are able to get the directions right and replicate what they had seen. Others who like to experiment with the directions fail miserably resulting in absolutely hilarious mishaps.


Listed in this post are photos of people who fall in the latter category. Do you know anyone who fits the description? Share this post with them to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 My everyday life in one picture

  2. 2 The layers didn't feel like staying put

  3. 3 My daughter is blaming the youtube tutorials for it

  4. 4 My muffin went from Detective to Mr Bean in no time


  5. 5 Close enough?

  6. 6 The cake from Mordor

  7. 7 Have a jaw-filled birthday!!

  8. 8 Like a boss

  9. 9 Keeping up with the Kardashians

  10. 10 A failed attempt at cut-off jean shorts...

  11. 11 They tasted good though

  12. 12 One day, I'll be a pro at this

  13. 13 My love emoji became abstract art

  14. 14 From Rapunzel to Annabel in no time

  15. 15 Who does it better? My son or daughter?

  16. 16 When you don't have all the ingredients but want to become Gordon Ramsey

  17. 17 Gotta appreciate the purple dragon

  18. 18 Homemade smoothies be like

  19. 19 I did all the fingers and my husband did the thumb

  20. 20 Wanted muffins and got biscuits instead

  21. 21 What's the genre, funny or horror?

  22. 22 Minions went a little retarded

  23. 23 Not that far off

  24. 24 This came out VERY wrong

  25. 25 It looks like a cat caught an electric shock

  26. 26 Don't try this ever again

  27. 27 What you order vs when you get it

  28. 28 Classy!

  29. 29 The train had an accident

  30. 30 This was an ultimate nightmare

  31. 31 Not eating this anytime soon

  32. 32 The caterpillar got squished hard

  33. 33 What matters is the taste

  34. 34 Ice Lolly anyone?

  35. 35 Cute teddy vs Dead Scarecrow

  36. 36 Story of my life

  37. 37 Her-she's kisses?

  38. 38 From spring to autumn

  39. 39 Fruity Jaws and Barbie

  40. 40 Whenever I attempt something artsy

  41. 41 Only need a few years of practice


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