32 Most Weird Ads That Will Make You Say WTF


Advertisements are everywhere nowadays such as computers, billboards, television and even on our phones. However, some Ads are so completely senseless that after seeing them, you are just left dumbstruck trying to figure out how someone can be so stupid to create them.

In this post, we have listed up some of the weirdest Ads that you’ll find on the internet. Whether these inappropriate ads were intentional or not, one thing is for sure they will most definitely have you saying, “WTF!”


Scroll on peeps. We promise you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post.

  1. 1 This Knife Ad...! Keeper or Creeper?!

  2. 2 McDonald's advertisement game is always double meaning

  3. 3 Granny's Fries Without the Granny : This Ad is Not a good idea for the kids

  4. 4 Never Knew British Soldier's head is that long...! Eurostar: The Barber


  5. 5 Beef Jerky: Feed your wild side

  6. 6 Brazil's Mineirinho Zero is the pre-death by hanging drink of choice, apparently.

  7. 7 Not all of us are Jack and Rose

  8. 8 When you smell it

  9. 9 When size problems arise

  10. 10 Refresh the taste

  11. 11 This ad for Weltifurrer Transports, Switzerland, finally solves the mystery of the Mona Lisa's smile

  12. 12 This vintage from Honeywell that’s probably funnier now than it was then.

  13. 13 WTF !?

  14. 14 Well Sometimes advertisement goes right on spot

  15. 15 Take action take control quit school

  16. 16 That's a creative way of instructing to reduce the speed

  17. 17 What Kind of Nutrition Tip is that ?

  18. 18 Aging works really fast

  19. 19 The perfect bride

  20. 20 1970s Cricketeer suit ad

  21. 21 "Allcock's porous plaster"

  22. 22 Be careful guys that's a car wash

  23. 23 Well That kind of makes sense

  24. 24 Well at least she's honest

  25. 25 They should plan better...or not.

  26. 26 Don't look at the pussy

  27. 27 Looks like Joker from the batman loves Big Mac

  28. 28 Reality sucks

  29. 29 That's how kids see the world

  30. 30 Sleeping outdoor is for insects, get a room! Kokopelli Hostel

  31. 31 All Natural

  32. 32 Stomach cancer, now available in watermelon


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