20+ of the Most Unusual Couples You Won’t Believe Exist

People who truly love each other don’t care about the looks, age, social status or the race of their partners. They look beyond the veil of these labels and truly connect their souls to the people they love. That’s what true love is like, it is rare and it seems odd to everyone but the people who experience it.

Listed up in this post are photos of couples who have found love with people entirely different from themselves.

Scroll on and enjoy these odd but sweet photos peeps.

  1. 1 Two guys one cup

  2. 2 The look on his face says even he can't believe it

  3. 3 Just a couple of feet away

  4. 4 Petite and the giant

  5. 5 When imperfections meet

  6. 6 That proud moment when your crush holds your hand

  7. 7 She'll have to climb a ladder just to kiss him

  8. 8 Age is just a number

  9. 9 The power of love

  10. 10 No, that's not his mom. They're getting married.

  11. 11 Two opposite ends

  12. 12 Can't match Marilyn's class

  13. 13 She could do better

  14. 14 When she's old but has a fortune to give away

  15. 15 The spectrum wins

  16. 16 No better feeling than being weird af with your partner

  17. 17 Equally gothic

  18. 18 Love is blind, indeed

  19. 19 Couples in the imaginary world be like

  20. 20 Anything can happen in Russia

  21. 21 His biceps, her eyebrows, the perfect combo

  22. 22 Because wearing a suit to the wedding was too mainstream

  23. 23 Saying a big NO to racism

  24. 24 His face has more oil than both their bodies

  25. 25 Should have dated a barbie instead

  26. 26 I have too many questions about this couple

  27. 27 It's all about the Arab money

  28. 28 She doesn't let me miss mom

  29. 29 Small vs XXL

  30. 30 New year party's be like

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