30 Unexpected Finds That Happen Once in a Lifetime


Sometimes you’ll find random creepy stuff in regular stores. They’re either misplaced or someone actually thought they belonged there. You can spot these absurd items instantly, they’re the ones that’ll stand out. For instance, a doll faced bra is not something you expect to see in your regular lingerie store, but it can happen.


Sometimes unexpected things have a way of finding you in all the places where you wouldn’t go looking for them. The experience can be quite hilarious. Listed in this post are 30 photos of unexpected and abnormal things that you may find in normal places.

  1. 1 Creepy wink

  2. 2 Found this bear made of shells

  3. 3 Added o my creepy stuff collection

  4. 4 Is this baby supposed to be cute?


  5. 5 *I dont know man*

  6. 6 *Seduce me*

  7. 7 This is a painting of a monkey carrying its kid, but I see something else

  8. 8 Play that funky baby, white boy!

  9. 9 Perfect decoration piece for your bathroom

  10. 10 Kiss Me!

  11. 11 I found the perfect mug for my boss

  12. 12 Because no one checks the other part on funerals

  13. 13 Will the real slim shady please stand up?

  14. 14 "Unusual old chocolate mold"

  15. 15 I think so

  16. 16 But why....?

  17. 17 My friend found this in thrift store located in Thailand

  18. 18 Found this picture of a man with strangely long butt cheek

  19. 19 The show for a GIANT

  20. 20 One for the Trump haters

  21. 21 Got this just for $8 from local thrift store

  22. 22 These frogs are just hilarious

  23. 23 Found these in a Mexican Thrift store

  24. 24 The sofa for cat lovers

  25. 25 Anyone would like to have a bag full of small clown heads and axes?

  26. 26 Broseph

  27. 27 A cup with beautiful message

  28. 28 Now I can disappoint Jesus from every angle

  29. 29 Found this cup for my wife

  30. 30 My girlfriend saw these doll face bra at a thrift shop


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