30 Most Ridiculous Translation Fails That Will Make You Laugh


Machines may be efficient, but they’re not intelligent. They can only get you as far as their programming allows them to go, after that you’re on your own. Take Google translate as an example. It will give you translations of the text you give it, but it’ll often give you literal meanings of the posted text without taking any external factors in consideration. Resultantly, you’ll come up with lots of hilarious translations on google translate that will seriously make you laugh out loud.

Listed in this post are 30 hilarious photos that show you that machines haven’t surpassed humans yet in all intellectual areas such as translation and ideation, they simply suck at providing translations.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 We've got dreamy grass now

  2. 2 Please don't treat me like potato

  3. 3 Want a taste of this?

  4. 4 Stolen humans call police immediately


  5. 5 Wikipedia being served now

  6. 6 No touching yourself here

  7. 7 Erection on the way

  8. 8 Raping is okay but robbery isn't

  9. 9 Just for Germans

  10. 10 Especially for Rilax

  11. 11 When you lie to your wife

  12. 12 The Chinese have weird sightseeing options

  13. 13 Nothing else, just puke

  14. 14 Saw this near a toilet

  15. 15 Make up your mind

  16. 16 If the dog shits, your family goes to hell..

  17. 17 Just a nice and cozy one

  18. 18 Join us in the hall

  19. 19 Just don't

  20. 20 Only junk food allowed

  21. 21 That too coming from Chinese people...

  22. 22 Slipping carelessly maybe dangerous

  23. 23 May help relief Hemorrhoids...

  24. 24 Should have spent more on the translation

  25. 25 Lost in translation.

  26. 26 Don't go in if you're a discunt...

  27. 27 Someone explain this crap

  28. 28 Honest Translation!!

  29. 29 When the floor starts sliding and you're not ready for it

  30. 30 Let us know if it comes to you


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