Permanent Regret: 35 Bad Tattoos


Regret comes in many forms. We regret failed relationships, lost opportunities and bad exams. But most of these regrets get washed away with time.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said about bad tattoos, they’re a regret that is almost permanent. You can’t get rid of a tattoo easily. It stays on your skin as a poor reminder of the days of your foolish youth, your long lost ex or your childish passion.

Think long and hard before getting a tattoo, because it’ll stay with you for life. Don’t get something that you may regret later.


Listed in this post are some of the worst tattoo designs ever created.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 The lion is high on cocaine

  2. 2 Scarred for life

  3. 3 What did the shark eat for dinner?

  4. 4 Why o Why!


  5. 5 Got rid of the trouble. Won't have to wear them everyday!

  6. 6 I fill embarrassed

  7. 7 Just a tattoo of a girl sh**ting strawberries.

  8. 8 This creepy baby hole!!

  9. 9 That's a thumb...

  10. 10 Long hair don't care

  11. 11 Seems Legit!

  12. 12 It's an insect fun-land on his face

  13. 13 The face felt kinda empty

  14. 14 Wolf? Bear? What?!

  15. 15 Remember Grudge?

  16. 16 Never don't mess up

  17. 17 Not even close!

  18. 18 There's demons surrounding your baby..

  19. 19 Born with a deformity?

  20. 20 Keeping my spirits close

  21. 21 Is that your mom?

  22. 22 It's an avocado

  23. 23 Say hello to Mister Head

  24. 24 How hardcore can you be?

  25. 25 Confused yet?

  26. 26 His face has territorial boundaries

  27. 27 ALAW

  28. 28 He's with me at all times

  29. 29 Pikachu gone wrong

  30. 30 Life of a stoner

  31. 31 What's the worst tattoo you could get?

  32. 32 Pat loves Tom

  33. 33 When you can't get facial hair

  34. 34 Nice girlfriend dude

  35. 35 Sock face!!


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