30 Most Ridiculous Fails You Won’t Believe Actually Happened


Some people simply suck at their job; harsh as it sounds there is no other way to put it.

If you can’t even manage to proof read the stuff that you’re sending out on public platforms then you really shouldn’t be working in your position. And if your manager misses your mistake more than once then he seriously needs a reality check too.

It is the absence of proper compliance for both the line staff and the managers that leads to hilarious public blunders that are an embarrassment to common sense itself.


Listed in this post are hilarious blunders and fails that will seriously surprise anyone with a brain.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 drowning in the smoke

  2. 2 No reading whiless driving

  3. 3 Even after telling him "Sir That's not where gas goes" he put five gallons in.

  4. 4 When you don't do your job properly


  5. 5 She needs help.. oh wait!

  6. 6 Hope you like what you see

  7. 7 All of them want them. They just don't say it

  8. 8 It is floating, but in the air

  9. 9 He has changed a lot in years

  10. 10 These were** protected trees

  11. 11 Forget about it

  12. 12 Watching all my savings go to cold hell with a cold beer

  13. 13 Expectations vs reality

  14. 14 Nature is tricking us

  15. 15 Is this the new trend?

  16. 16 Club Betty Crockers knows how to market

  17. 17 Now available as a body spray.

  18. 18 Now you know why all the chefs at big restaurants are men

  19. 19 How did they miss it?

  20. 20 Where do they have this 9 day weekend?

  21. 21 But I had to go to the 5st

  22. 22 Not so Lexus anymore

  23. 23 That starting price is higher than my expectations from life

  24. 24 We'll rescue you

  25. 25 When people that lied on the CV actually get work

  26. 26 Perfect placement

  27. 27 Stairway to emptiness

  28. 28 Yes. I said left

  29. 29 When yo take your job too seriously

  30. 30 Challenge accepted


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