45 Innovative Items Invented By Incredibly Creative Minds


Never underestimate the power of the human mind. It has the power to produce mesmerizing ideas that simplify and beautify life. This post is dedicated to commendable ideas and innovative inventions that deserve to be applauded and shared.

Experiment and experiment again until you stumble upon ideas that make a difference. Listed in this post are examples of ideas that are incredibly creative.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with all the future inventors in your list to let them know that you believe in them!

  1. 1 Epoxy resin table

  2. 2 This toilet door with an extra door for children

  3. 3 Car back Seat Organizer: BRILLIANT!

  4. 4 The inside of the pizza box was a tuxedo.


  5. 5 The gorgeous spherical bath tub

  6. 6 Attractive Blow Up Car Seat for Back Seat Blow Up Bed

  7. 7 Japanese color changing umbrella that reveals patterns when wet

  8. 8 Stainless Steel Self Stirring Mug

  9. 9 Full Body Umbrella to keep you completely dry in the rainy season

  10. 10 Bright Light Slippers that are like night lights for your feet

  11. 11 Basketball Hoop Wastepaper Bin - A playful way to get everyone to stop littering.

  12. 12 Czech Republic's Alien train, shaped just like a xenomorph!

  13. 13 Xbox One Controller Coffee Table To Power Up Your Living Room in Retro Arcade Style

  14. 14 Found on Craigslist. This shall make your jaw drop.

  15. 15 3-Piece Rings That Become Animals When You Wear Them All Together

  16. 16 Diamond Whiskey Glasses - The modern way of sipping whiskey

  17. 17 Unique Knitted hat designs that you won't see everyday

  18. 18 Reusable Wax Candles - The true essence of recycling products

  19. 19 Creative Mini Citrus Juice Sprayer to give your cooking an innovative touch

  20. 20 Butter in a glue stick tube

  21. 21 Wood Tables Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes

  22. 22 FurzoToasto is a knife that doubles up as a toaster

  23. 23 Movie theaters with bathroom stalls that know which movie you’re in so you don’t miss anything.

  24. 24 Hoodie backpack - the perfect solution for backpackers

  25. 25 Scribble - The Only Pen That Lets You Draw With 16 Million Colors

  26. 26 The Spray-on Wrapping Paper - for the betterment of all of gift-giving humanity

  27. 27 A hands-free umbrella to keep the rain drops away

  28. 28 Longboard Stroller Makes City Walks Fun For Both Kids And Parents

  29. 29 AeroBull speakers for Bull Dog lovers

  30. 30 Ready for some father-daughter dancing?

  31. 31 Cover Blubber is going to kill your plastic wrap and save your food

  32. 32 Moveo, a scooter backpack

  33. 33 Nightstand With Pull Out Tray for more in-bed comfort

  34. 34 Water Walker & Spa for in home exercise and muscle rehab

  35. 35 ’Tapi’ - a squeezable drink fountain for your taps

  36. 36 iTouchless BR001U Bag Re-Sealer - A heat sealer for plastic bags

  37. 37 Astronomical Palette

  38. 38 The handle to this knife shop door is also a knife.

  39. 39 The LEGO bag that turns your hand into a minifig

  40. 40 This fire extinguisher at the aquarium

  41. 41 The cover of this book that talks about chocolate

  42. 42 My moms 3D printed cast. She can take a shower with it!

  43. 43 This Bitcoin ATM.

  44. 44

  45. 45 This is so cool! A soap grater for the perfect amount of soap every time without getting the whole bar messy!!


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