20 Most Humiliating and Well-Timed Jokes On RoastMe Sub Reddit


Have you heard of the R/RoastMe section of Reddit?

It is an interesting subreddit where people post pictures of themselves holding a sign “Roast me” to ask people to shred them to pieces. If you’re ever bored, you should definitely head to Reddit and check it out. You’ll find lots of hilarious threads to keep you hooked to the screen for literally hours.


Listed up in this post are some of our favorite photos posted up on the RoastMe subreddit.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 I watch hentai recreationally, tear me to shreds

  2. 2 My first post was removed because the mods think I look like I’m still in middle school

  3. 3 Graphic Designer and Single Parent. Also a vegan. Do your worst!

  4. 4 I'm a 27 year old community college dropout working as a barista. Make me cry


  5. 5 Drown us. Be interesting, unlike this photo

  6. 6 I quit playing fortnite because it was too difficult. Do your worst

  7. 7 They lost a drinking game and this is their forfeit. Do your worst.

  8. 8 I’m an official r/dankmeme mod, you can’t hurt me more than my uncle did

  9. 9 Boutta be a dungeon master for the first time. Roast me nerds

  10. 10 Can you roast vampires? Let's find out

  11. 11 Make me hate myself

  12. 12 Vape shop manager, don't go easy on me

  13. 13 Boyfriend doesn’t pleasure me enough

  14. 14 Were drunk af, do your worst!!!

  15. 15 My friend makes tick tocks in his spare time.

  16. 16 Over 70, do your worst!

  17. 17 Mr. untouchable or so he says

  18. 18 The father and son duo, man on left been there 30 years man on right his son. Give them your best shot

  19. 19 Studying 4 A Levels, need something else to cry about

  20. 20 I lost my virginity with a prostitute. Roast me


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