30+ Hilarious Tweets That are Sure to Make Your Mood Great


You gotta love Twitter. It really gives it to you raw and real. 140 character limit on the tweets doesn’t leave room for anything extra which is great because If you have people with a good sense of humor added to your twitter account, you’re guaranteed a daily dose of entertainment.


In this post we have listed up photos of hilarious tweets that are sure to lift up your mood. Don’t miss the 22nd picture, it’s quite hilarious. Scroll on and enjoy folks:

  1. 1 "Band of brothers"

  2. 2 Be careful everyone

  3. 3 New fashion trends

  4. 4 Merry Christmas


  5. 5 Well atleast I tried

  6. 6 This horse is enjoying a better life than me

  7. 7 Happy for the water coolers

  8. 8 This really is hilarious

  9. 9 This store got you covered

  10. 10 Probably not the best time of its life

  11. 11 Looks like she doesn't understand the mannequin challenge

  12. 12 Must somewhere right there

  13. 13 Reality of my life

  14. 14 When you really know, what to tweet

  15. 15 This is how master pieces are created

  16. 16 Imagine if it worked like that

  17. 17 Marvel fans will not like this one

  18. 18 This one is really savage

  19. 19 Literally thats how my life is going these days

  20. 20 Good old days

  21. 21 Can't wait to become a parent

  22. 22 Thats how I waste my subscription fees

  23. 23 His wife is so innocent

  24. 24 This guy is a legend

  25. 25 When twitter is life

  26. 26 A guide on how to die

  27. 27 Thats right, Once I am in my bed I am never getting back out

  28. 28 He got his reasons to be scared

  29. 29 Cause would not like to get caught in an awkward moment

  30. 30 Story of a every college student

  31. 31 For the betterment of the future

  32. 32 When you have nothing else to do, then all you do is overthink

  33. 33 A warm bath would be great


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