30+ Most Hilarious Spelling Mistakes of All Time


Many people struggle with spellings. But most people have the common sense to spell test their work on their word processing software before they print signs or post copies. I know you can’t get everything right using automated spell check, but it’s a start.

If you struggle with spellings get someone with good English skills to check your work. But please for the love of God, don’t post copies and notes without spell checking them. Even minor Spelling mistakes can turn into hilarious disasters.

To demonstrate, check out the photos listed in this post. They’re hilarious!


If you’re not laughing out loud by the time you finish this list, then you may need to work on your spellings too!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Receipt Typo... hopefully

  2. 2 I smelled it from the screen.....

  3. 3 What level of comfort are we talking about?

  4. 4 I've never seen a more truthful Ad!! Round of applause to McDonald's!!


  5. 5 "Men at work"

  6. 6 Smoke quietly....

  7. 7 An actual prescription that my brother forgot about, guess he dodged a bullet.

  8. 8 Yeah... I think I'll pass

  9. 9 Are you a Jent or Leadie?

  10. 10 There's a special offer on Bonerless steaks

  11. 11 You literally had one job!

  12. 12 It's cold, but apparently not "a** cold"

  13. 13 Sounds like a fair deal

  14. 14 That ought to do the job...

  15. 15 No thanks.

  16. 16 What comes to your mind when you think of "Accident Porn"?

  17. 17 The Vag sandwiches here are dope!

  18. 18 Flashing is really important

  19. 19 What age group are we targeting here?

  20. 20 What about the afternoon meal?

  21. 21 I told them their sign was misspelled

  22. 22 Start your life with clean hands

  23. 23 Are you a member of the Executive Bored?

  24. 24 I don't wanna guess what they're made of

  25. 25 Same juice brand has three different spellings...!!

  26. 26 Which Moms do you prefer? Veg or Cheken?

  27. 27 Won't it be a little inappropriate for my food to be in shoes?

  28. 28 They taste Seman...

  29. 29 This Salon is super for cutting children and making messes

  30. 30 Use that love as motivation to spell it correctly

  31. 31 No Praking or you will be fined

  32. 32 Parking fee just gotten real.

  33. 33 BON APE TIT


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