30 of the Most Funny Spelling Fails Ever


Some people are perfect at spellings, they eat, drink and sleep with them, they participate in spelling bee contests and win them, however not everybody is good at spellings. Some people suck at it, they make huge spelling blunders, we occasionally see such errors in advertisements boards and other public places and end up laughing out loud. Only if the advertising manager had asked some spelling perfectionist to review the ad before finalizing it, he may have avoided such a public display of his bad spelling skills.


Listed below in this post are 30 such hilarious spelling mistakes. Some of these are epically funny. Scroll down peeps and enjoy this amazing post.

  1. 1 What a nice family

  2. 2 And the "world's greatest typo" award goes to...

  3. 3 No sign needed.... they'd all be slowing down to see the accident OR the porn

  4. 4 I've never seen a more truthful Ad!! Round of applause to McDonald's!!


  5. 5 Watch your head!

  6. 6 I would not like to eat this burger

  7. 7 They misspelled "FOOD" on my girlfriends prescription.

  8. 8 Perfect job on days i feel like sh*t

  9. 9 LOL! "But I was only following the directions from the sign, officer"

  10. 10 The reason we dont need to put a label on common objects

  11. 11 Excuse me! What butter snickers!

  12. 12 I would prefer a a burger without any veggies

  13. 13 I am ded!

  14. 14 Yeah! be careful

  15. 15 She must be regretting tweeting this too

  16. 16 Wish you knew how to write

  17. 17 And they still have to fix the real mistake

  18. 18 That's a lie!

  19. 19 For all of the boring people

  20. 20 Lets go to 3rd.....

  21. 21 You must SOTP!

  22. 22 Because that's a rare breed

  23. 23 Poor Phteven

  24. 24 The repair notice

  25. 25 We can see that

  26. 26 Drive Slowly

  27. 27 At least he tried

  28. 28 Ready for the Launch

  29. 29 Yes, I am damn sure!

  30. 30 Now that does NOT sound tasty!!


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