30 Most Hilarious Panoramic Fails Ever


While most of us are hooked to our phones for most part of our day, we’ve still not mastered all the features on our phone. Take the Panoramic feature for instance. While we take tons of photos daily, how many of them have been taken using the panoramic feature? For most of us, the answer is none.

Most people haven’t figured out how to use the panoramic feature yet. Instead of creating beautiful panoramas using this feature, they often end up creating hilarious and senseless photos. In this post we have listed up 30 such hilarious panoramic photo fails.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 2 girls and a witch

  2. 2 They Messed Up Taking Panoramic Mode Pictures And Now I’m A Bit Creeped Out

  3. 3 Not judging but have you ever seen a bigger face?

  4. 4 All of us can use an extra hand


  5. 5 A panorama that went a little wrong...

  6. 6 This panorama turned out to be EPIC

  7. 7 Having back problems sucks

  8. 8 I think my girlfriend's broken

  9. 9 To the guy who is bad at taking panoramas, you are not alone

  10. 10 Daughter showing others at the playground what happens when imitators don't pay protection money.

  11. 11 When you get so excited to go on a holiday that you forget to take your face with you

  12. 12 There's more wrong than right in this one

  13. 13 Doggy style at a whole new level

  14. 14 A woman has many faces, indeed!

  15. 15 So My Sister Took A Panoramic Photo Of Her Brother In Law At The Beach

  16. 16 Where does Satan live?

  17. 17 Bicep > Face

  18. 18 The invisible caretaker

  19. 19 Could totally be a horror movie poster

  20. 20 When you walk ahead of yourself

  21. 21 Is your phone waterproof?

  22. 22 My wife got a haircut

  23. 23 Nice jacket

  24. 24 My camera hates me

  25. 25 The two-faced bast*rd didn't listen

  26. 26 How much would a cosmetic surgery cost to fix this mess?

  27. 27 How I view faces when I'm high

  28. 28 The only car I can afford

  29. 29 Panoramic picture error results in perfect phantom middle finger

  30. 30 How people under 5'8" look when they're angry

  31. 31 Let's play rock, paper, scissors

  32. 32 New cat breed spotted


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