20+ Most Hilarious Food Items From the Restaurants Menu


When you’re dining out at a fine restaurant, you expect good food, excellent service and a sensible menu. However sometimes you may come across hilarious items on the menu whose original names have obviously fallen victim to bad translation.

If you stumble across something like that just go easy on the restaurant, and inform the manager about the absurd translation. They had their heart in the right place when they gave you a translated version of their menu or placed English labels on the eatables in their restaurant.


Listed in this post are photos of some of the most hilarious translations fails of restaurant food items, you’ll definitely laugh out loud on this one.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 That's a very double meaning burger.

  2. 2 Sweet ass in china !

  3. 3 Mexican* restaurant in china with a rape dish !

  4. 4 Lol husband and wife lungs .


  5. 5 Deep fried baby.....!

  6. 6 That's cannibalism.

  7. 7 LOL Penis !!!

  8. 8 I will be in Russia for sure.

  9. 9 Be aware of fake chickens.

  10. 10 Well for a feminist wife .

  11. 11 Chinese being healthy!

  12. 12 WTF ! Germany sexual harassment.

  13. 13 Cold ass isn't just a phrase anymore..

  14. 14 Whisky and Cock .

  15. 15 Fuck the duck until it explodes.

  16. 16 Mother's belly LOL !

  17. 17 Wanna taste Crap stick.

  18. 18 Jew stinks.

  19. 19 Acid beans I guess good for digestion.

  20. 20 I'll have that sweet tight pussy.

  21. 21 Restaurants for homos !

  22. 22 Beans being stupid .

  23. 23 Best offer for a Cougar...

  24. 24 Well at least they made correction at right time

  25. 25 I am on diet .

  26. 26 That's a very friendly menu.

  27. 27 I suppose that will be MAC chicken .

  28. 28 That's a cheap airline.

  29. 29 Well they got confusing variety!

  30. 30 An entire cast of lobsters just bit the dirt!

  31. 31 if only bull and frog could do it!

  32. 32 Dried what? Poop?

  33. 33 More like Hot Granny!

  34. 34 Premature judgement??


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