30+ Most Crazy and Creative Photo Manipulations


Photo manipulation helps one break all boundaries and limitations of traditional photography and thereby it gives life to new thoughts and ideas. Through Photo manipulation, photographers can deliver strong symbolic messages that would not have been possible if they had just stuck to the traditional rules.

In this post we have listed up photos of some of the most mesmerizing photo manipulations that deliver some seriously strong messages.


Scroll down and enjoy peeps.

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  1. 1 If only everyone could see this

  2. 2 Some predators are not to be caged

  3. 3 How we feel after the first sip of coffee in the morning

  4. 4 Extra Chilli Sauce? Think again!


  5. 5 The quest to Size 0

  6. 6 The viva panel attacking me like

  7. 7 Find me the missing pieces

  8. 8 When I stop myself from doing something wrong

  9. 9 When mum says "The coat ain't gonna hang itself in the cupboard"


  10. 10 The feeling of homemade orange juice

  11. 11 Talk to the hand

  12. 12 When they realize I'm gonna chew each and every one of them

  13. 13 Moments before meeting their fate

  14. 14 Fake News!

  15. 15 The Magnum must survive

  16. 16 Eyes all around

  17. 17 Because who needs a wrist when you can't see

  18. 18 Nature follows civilization

  19. 19 When I can't stop myself from gossiping

  20. 20 Relaxing in the prayers pool

  21. 21 Ever tried fixing yourself?

  22. 22 What's the horsepower on that thing? The fan, obviously!

  23. 23 This hot air balloon shall create some panic when it flies

  24. 24 The taste of light

  25. 25 What do you mean the honey doesn't taste good?

  26. 26 Roads untraveled...

  27. 27 What a giraffe's neck looks like from the inside

  28. 28 Me right after No Nut November

  29. 29 I see through you. No brains found.

  30. 30 Global warming be like

  31. 31 Brides with extra makeup be like

  32. 32 Morning Ritual

  33. 33 Dude loves his mustache more than anything else

  34. 34 Foothand - A concept so dumb nobody else would copy it

  35. 35 Can I get some cookies with it?

  36. 36 What talking to my girlfriend feels like

  37. 37 Wearing a new one each day

  38. 38 Every time I see a beautiful girl

  39. 39 Eat it before it eats you

  40. 40 If Zebras were insects

  41. 41 Craming before exam night be like

  42. 42 Fashion padlock


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