30+ Most Creative Yet Funny Hot Air Balloons


If you thought that people couldn’t fly before the invention of airplanes, then you need to get your facts straight. People were flying on air balloons long before the idea of airplanes was even conceived.  Hot air balloons have been around for a long time, and they’re not going away any time soon either.

People still love riding hot air balloons just as they did centuries ago. You can find air balloons in lots of cute and creative designs.


We’ve listed up hilarious photos of creative hot air balloons in this post.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Jurassic Park be like

  2. 2 Straight outta Brazil

  3. 3 How to quickly dry washed jeans

  4. 4 All hail Darth Vader


  5. 5 Imagine this coming your way

  6. 6 Shooting for the stars

  7. 7 I'll run and not look back if I see this

  8. 8 Ever seen a bigger anniversary cake?

  9. 9 Look Mika your big Astronaut want's to give you a big hug!

  10. 10 Nightmare House

  11. 11 They made it back!!

  12. 12 Cant't look up

  13. 13 Looks like this guy wasn't meant for the skies

  14. 14 I'm friends with a tree. Do you have a problem with that?

  15. 15 Elvis airlines

  16. 16 Heading straight for Pluto

  17. 17 The American Dream, flying high and clean

  18. 18 What would a duck need a razor for?

  19. 19 Frozen milk incoming

  20. 20 Guess the animal

  21. 21 One for the Halloween season

  22. 22 They couldn't have gone for a better shape...

  23. 23 Fancy a summer adventure?

  24. 24 When you go shopping, thinking you'll only buy a couple of things and end up with a cart as giant as this

  25. 25 More reasons to travel to Africa

  26. 26 Does a certain poem come to your mind?

  27. 27 Looking for Alex

  28. 28 Not again, Humpty

  29. 29 Spot the finger

  30. 30 Fly is what you must do

  31. 31 It's a pirate invasion

  32. 32 How I look like when I'm with my friends

  33. 33 Chicken run 2.0

  34. 34 How's this one for a birthday present?

  35. 35 Elephants in the air


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