30+ Ads That are Worth Admiring


The secret of good advertising lies in creativity. A good ad is one that is both captivating and memorable. It is something that stays on your mind and intrigues you to learn more about the subject it addresses. We see a lot of ads all around us on and off screens, but we only remember one or two that really stand out among all the rest. In this post we’ve listed  memorable ads that are found online. These ads will really make you want to look at them twice.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.


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  1. 1 Wonderbra ad!!

  2. 2 Pepsi Twist

  3. 3 An ad for wine tasting

  4. 4 A Sexy Guinness ad


  5. 5 Office of Road Safety, Drink & Drive awareness...

  6. 6 Creative advertising for Instinct condoms

  7. 7 Eliminate bad breath

  8. 8 An installation for the launch of the movie Alice in Wonderland

  9. 9 If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter.

  10. 10 Kayaking Jumbo Peanut – Choking

  11. 11 Pet fur removal from 3М

  12. 12 Tabasco!! It’s so hot.


  13. 13 Schick Sharp razor ad!!

  14. 14 Nikol baking dish – Jacuzzi

  15. 15 Sargam – For Better Digestion

  16. 16 Gotta let go of those calories

  17. 17 These dentists have got magical powers

  18. 18 Coffee that would end racism

  19. 19 Feel the pain humanity has been causing to nature. Only then you'll understand.

  20. 20 Wrinkles are for mainstream people

  21. 21 Listerine mouthwash ad

  22. 22 Chose your bread wisely

  23. 23 Taking stains out with a bang

  24. 24 Anyone up for a free pole dance session?

  25. 25 My face when I taste lemon

  26. 26 When the shoes collection is too damn good

  27. 27 Social anti-corruption advertising. "Corruption must be spotted"

  28. 28 Keeping it sleek

  29. 29 Cat allergies wont bother you anymore

  30. 30 Bend it like Beckham

  31. 31 Audi rain sensors, things get scary when it rains heavy!

  32. 32 A social ad against smoking

  33. 33 Depilatory Strips: EPILDOU

  34. 34 Queen of the jungle

  35. 35 It ain't all rainbows and sunshine

  36. 36 Super Sharp from WMF knives

  37. 37 New York Fries – Real Fries in a Fake World

  38. 38 About to hear the pop


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