33 Most Creative and Humorous Desktop Wallpapers That You Will Instantly Want on Your Computer


Tired of ordinary flower and nature wallpapers on your desktop? You are at the right place. We’ll introduce you to creative wallpapers and desktop icon formations that’ll seriously transform your bland desktop.

Listed up in this post are over 30 humorous desktop designs. From adjusting a single wallpaper within two screens to organizing shortcuts in a neat manner, these creative and funny wallpapers will inspire you to try something new with your desktop background.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 The positioning of Internet Explorer is perfect

  2. 2 Now we know why it's so full of shit

  3. 3 24/7 eye surveillance

  4. 4 Gotta keep the dangerous ones in check


  5. 5 Goes perfectly with the hair

  6. 6 I secretly added a minor detail to my colleague's desktop picture. "Me"!! LOL

  7. 7 When you accidentally make it your default browser

  8. 8 So I created a new desktop background for my dual monitors at work...

  9. 9 Some Inception level shit is going on here

  10. 10 Yoda is bound to win

  11. 11 Desktop of an artist

  12. 12 Watching Brooklyn nine nine when my desktop background interfered

  13. 13 When you see your school friend on a weekend...

  14. 14 Make your choice wisely

  15. 15 Puggy's the best security your cows can get

  16. 16 Bull's eye or Apple's eye?

  17. 17 My Boss is a 60+ year old man and this is his desktop... Can you guess what's it written??

  18. 18 How my friend returned my computer after fixing it (See desktop background).

  19. 19 When you realizes you've shift + deleted your data by mistake

  20. 20 Class starts and I have this on my desktop from the previous class

  21. 21 The best wallpaper for a 4 monitor setup...

  22. 22 Bullying shall not be allowed

  23. 23 Breaking Barriers for good

  24. 24 Internet Explorer comes right from your nightmares

  25. 25 You have the balls to come here and look me in the eye little one?

  26. 26 Perfect wallpaper

  27. 27 My creative desktop icon arrangement

  28. 28 Don't let them get to it

  29. 29 Who shall win according to you?

  30. 30 You can hand pick the software once they're dry enough

  31. 31 For Autumn lovers

  32. 32 Never gets old

  33. 33 Papa is on my desktop


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