25 Worst People to Travel With on Plane


All those people who travel regularly on planes would know that the person who is sitting next to you on your journey matters quite a lot. We all secretly hope that our travel partner will be a jolly fellow who makes our journey enjoyable. On the other hand, when we find out that he or she is not what we had hoped for then the journey can become quite frustrating.


Listed below are 25 photos of annoying travel partners, let’s hope and pray that we never find anyone like them. Some of these pictures are quite hilarious. Scroll down peeps and enjoy.

  1. 1 Someone needs to kink shame this man to no end!

  2. 2 Random guy sleeping on my mom.

  3. 3 Being a mother is not easy at all!

  4. 4 Oh...get a room......


  5. 5 No wonder why there is no one willing to set next to her!

  6. 6 *DING* Can I get some peanuts in 11A, please?

  7. 7 There's the bathroom for that...

  8. 8 Bulkheads should be made of razor blades

  9. 9 Looks like its time to get something to eat... your red napkin is waiting!

  10. 10 Looks like they couldn't wait for the flight to be over!

  11. 11 Some passengers are like; We have nothing to wear....

  12. 12 Such people be like: Nothing better than a hand in your pants during a good nap.

  13. 13 This Darwin Award passenger was cold...so she used the plastic bag

  14. 14 Hairy soda for the win!!

  15. 15 What? That's the only way I like to sleep!

  16. 16 She was just too lazy to take the other sock off!

  17. 17 She just needed some attention!

  18. 18 Go read your boring newspaper somewhere else!

  19. 19 When pizza is life!

  20. 20 They said it's going to be a long flight!

  21. 21 If you think this is messy, you should look at my room!

  22. 22 My neighbor is a flight attendant. He just posted this photo of someone's "therapy pet," on his flight.

  23. 23 Adorable... until the 5th time. We don't really know that this child was annoying or curious

  24. 24 Something seems a bit off here.

  25. 25 He just wanted to get comfy...


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