30 Weird Moments That Will Make You Say “Whats Going on Here”?


We occasionally come across pictures that we can’t understand at first moment and we have to look twice and sometimes even twice is not enough, no matter how much longer we look at them it just doesn’t make sense. Today’s post is about such pictures where you will be amazed that even after coming so far since our ancient ancestors, humanity still has got some work to do.


Scroll down peeps and enjoy, some of these pictures are quite hilarious and will make you laugh out loud. After seeing these 30 weird pictures you would definitely say that what on earth is going on here.

  1. 1 But why?

  2. 2 Dont tell me how but at least tell me WHY!!?

  3. 3 Whats the purpose of this swing?

  4. 4 Oh gravity!!


  5. 5 This girl loves Nic Cage way too much

  6. 6 Flood is not a hurdler for him

  7. 7 Another way to measure the height

  8. 8 Just hanging around

  9. 9 Excuse Me Sir, you Got A Lighter?

  10. 10 Another way to measure the height

  11. 11 The name of the next Red Hot Chilli Peppers album.

  12. 12 Quality service is their motto

  13. 13 "A wild party..."

  14. 14 Have you ever seen a cat like this?

  15. 15 When you have to finish your work before deadline

  16. 16 Errrmmm, Excuse me Sir! You left your tail behind

  17. 17 SHE might be getting late for fancy dress party

  18. 18 Reason why women live longer than man

  19. 19 When you cant stop yourself from calling your bae

  20. 20 AC not working no problem

  21. 21 Suns screen was way too hot for these legs

  22. 22 BarBQ in rain..... but he won’t give up!

  23. 23 I want to be that entertaining when I grow up.

  24. 24 You will only find this type of Snooker table in Japan

  25. 25 Before evolution of Pokemon Beetle

  26. 26 When you only sell jeans on your shop

  27. 27 Having a breakfast in his bed must be very easy for him

  28. 28 A special parking spot for your horse

  29. 29 Protecting KGB Supercomputer

  30. 30 New cheap version of Mac book


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