Meet Physics Professor Who Make His Own Memes to Roast his Students in the Most Hilarious Way


It goes without saying, but being a teacher is hard work and it’s not surprising to learn that many of them take time out of their days especially to dive into dank memes. A teacher with a good sense of humor isn’t just a bonus: It’s essential in keeping their sanity throughout the day. Because today’s students are all tech-savvy kids for whom the ultimate modern form of communication is of course “memes”.

David Red, Professor at St. John’s River State College in Florida, knows that if he’s going to relate to his students, to be able to truly get through to them, he needs to be on their level. His memes frequently feature characters from movies including Stephen King’s IT and Austin Powers and Dr. Evil.  Though the professor became quite famous on the internet, his love for physics is so strong that David has no intentions of pursuing it as his career. Scroll on to see our curated list of his hilarious memes and enjoy peeps!


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  1. 1 Teachers here the same rants every exam season

  2. 2 Need some extra credit?

  3. 3 The Academic version of Thanos

  4. 4 Whatever you do, just don't annoy me


  5. 5 Getting back to the grind with the same old goals

  6. 6 Haters are getting straight Fs

  7. 7 30? You missed 30 classes?

  8. 8 They don't exist

  9. 9 Come and have a chat at the grade appeals

  10. 10 Every single one of them? Really?!

  11. 11 Get me an air freshener please

  12. 12 We could use some more teachers like him

  13. 13 Guess it's time for a retake

  14. 14 Get ready for the unproductive nagging

  15. 15 There are requirements. You've gotta meet them.

  16. 16 You were busy getting high last night

  17. 17 Come and get em

  18. 18 Finals exams are gonna take them all away

  19. 19 Nothing wrong with being hopeful

  20. 20 You had the guts to be here?

  21. 21 Going for the impossible

  22. 22 The summer vacations are here!!

  23. 23 Why do I have to explain it every year?

  24. 24 You've gotta be consistent

  25. 25 What you do with time is your choice fellas


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