Here is the Ninth Wonder Of The World


Horses are the majestic and valuable creatures that hold an incredible place in the development of human history. They are wild, majestic and can surpass almost anything with their outstanding beauty.

In this article we are going to talk about the golden “Akhal Teke” which are just gorgeous with their metallic bloom of their coat which is absolutely breath taking, this horse seems like the super model of the horse world.

These horses were used primarily in raids by military personnel, picked for their strengths, smartness and endurance.

There's Currently Only 3,500 Of These Kind Of Horses In The World

Akele Tekes are most beautiful in the animal kingdom and this incredible creature sure looks heavenly.The reason for its shiny shimmer lies in the structure of its fur, which is designed to act as a light intensifier and to throw back the light rays, according to the experts.

It is believed that the 'Akhal-Teke' is born with this golden fur in order to use it as a camouflage in the desert.


There breed proved popular, becoming one of the most common horse breeds in the area of the world that would later become Turkmenistan and neighbouring nations. The tribes of the Turkmenistan bred the Akhal Tekes carefully to preserve the lineage and kept oral record of each horse's pedigree.

Akhal Teke Have Made Appearances On Official BAnk Notes For The Country, As Well As Stamps And Other Memorabilia

Nowadays, for protection of Akhal Teke, Turkmenistan has created a national agency, to ensure that the horses keep with their pedigree and can pass them to future generations of the horse. In the cities of Turkmenistan, there are monuments dedicated to Akhal Teke. One of the worlds oldest and first domesticated breed by humans "Akhal Teke" have left an incredible mark in the national history of Turkmenistan.

Click on the video below and enjoy watching this gorgeous natural miracle.

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