Meanwhile People of Russia in Trains


If you’re ever in Russia, be sure to take a train trip. You’ll see plenty of hilarious people go in and out of trains.

I guess if a Russian actor needs to dress up as a comic character, they’ll just do it and travel like that. They’re not going to waste time changing costumes at the set. Of course that’s a little odd for the rest of us, but it makes sense if you think about it.


Listed in this post are hilarious sights one gets to see on Russian Trains and Train stations. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Driving in a hangover be like

  2. 2 Made a new friend on the subway

  3. 3 Looks like Raphael got separated from the group

  4. 4 Please tell me this is not a couple


  5. 5 When it's a little more than just "sweater weather"

  6. 6 Just one more month to go

  7. 7 People really do make themselves at home in these Russian trains

  8. 8 Welcome to Skunk Island

  9. 9 When you're that sleepy, just improvise!

  10. 10 Toyland on the go!

  11. 11 How it feels when you sit on the toilet bowl during winters

  12. 12 When mum makes sure you're not cold during winters

  13. 13 When you took a student loan and don't have any money for tickets

  14. 14 Lets go on a train trip they said, it would be fun, they said...

  15. 15 Russian trains dont stop at train stations. They stop for people.

  16. 16 When the central heating just isn't enough for you

  17. 17 The suicide squad!

  18. 18 From Russia with love

  19. 19 Preacher express

  20. 20 Tickling strangers would be really fun

  21. 21 Head to Head

  22. 22 ** Insert deep quote about love **

  23. 23 Ever been this high?!

  24. 24 Travel goals

  25. 25 The trip is not a reason to skip cosmetic procedures.

  26. 26 When all the beds are booked

  27. 27 Looks pretty much like a crime scene

  28. 28 Why are you dressed like a cheetah mommy?


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