MeanWhile At Walmart (35 Ridiculously Funny Photos)


Walmart is an awesome place. It brings a lot of different people under one roof. And since most folks don’t care about how they look when they go shopping, you get to see a lot of interesting and crazy people there.

If you’re a frequent customer of Walmart, then you must have at least once encountered such people who dress up absurdly during their Walmart visits.


Listed in this post are ridiculously funny photos of such weirdos who deserve a high five for their craziness. These hilarious photos will surely make you go ROFL.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 I didn't know they sold horses at Walmart

  2. 2 When you can't tame the sleep pattern

  3. 3 The fishing trip to the lake cost too much so this was my only option

  4. 4 When you see it...


  5. 5 The Mask 2.0

  6. 6 Naughty Children solutions (Granny edition)

  7. 7 Forgot what I came to shop for

  8. 8 Wanna eat it for dinner?

  9. 9 Unconditional love

  10. 10 That's one hell of a realistic hair style

  11. 11 They swapped there dress in the mart

  12. 12 He likes to wear pink

  13. 13 This looks so weird !

  14. 14 The detail on toys these days is unreal

  15. 15 she is definitely wearing a diaper beneath that dress

  16. 16 Mexicans in mart be like

  17. 17 Always wanted that underwear phone holder

  18. 18 Mr. President in Walmart

  19. 19 Not your dream wedding destination

  20. 20 Looks like she is a sponge Bob Fan

  21. 21 When two boobs are not enough

  22. 22 They are grown at wrong place

  23. 23 Kids these days

  24. 24 Guess where she works?

  25. 25 Straight outta KFC

  26. 26 How to gain fat without doing anything at all

  27. 27 He was sleepy but wanted to go with grandpa

  28. 28 Can't beat original fur

  29. 29 Full marks for the effort

  30. 30 Have you tried the new Cheese Onion flavor?

  31. 31 Awkward much?

  32. 32 I would love to hear the story behind this event

  33. 33 When he says "we need to talk"


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