Married Life: 30 Expectations Vs Reality Photos


Marriage is something we all fantasize about and thanks to all those big-budgeted Hollywood movies our expectations grow profusely especially when it comes to romantic relations. Won’t you agree, folks??  Though our daydreams might give us the impression that romantic relationships have to be perfect and only exist with cute couples and idealistic love, but we all know that in reality, it’s not true.

Marriage is a long term commitment and it requires a lot of sacrifices and compromises. It’s not always about being romantic rather to blossom forever it demands love in the purest form.


We have decided to show you the real side of marriage by listing down almost 30 expectations Vs reality photos. We bet these photos will make you go ROFL.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps! If you know anyone who’s getting married anytime soon, share this post with them to keep their expectations intact.

  1. 1 No compromise on the side

  2. 2 The new generation everyone

  3. 3 When you don't do what she says

  4. 4 Which one would you prefer?


  5. 5 The difference one smile can make

  6. 6 Sleeping rough is the real way of sleeping

  7. 7 The real pacifier

  8. 8 I got you a present

  9. 9 My idea of a romantic night

  10. 10 Family in front of guests vs family in reality

  11. 11 The perks of having a pet

  12. 12 It might look easy but trust me, it's not!

  13. 13 Baby's day out

  14. 14 The difference one dog can make

  15. 15 What you thought married life would be like

  16. 16 This is invasion of privacy

  17. 17 Which is your ideal date?

  18. 18 Story of my life

  19. 19 Reality has seagulls in it

  20. 20 When her dad is the only obstacle

  21. 21 Real lovers vs Online freaks

  22. 22 Which one's more kinky?

  23. 23 When you're that couple everyone fancies

  24. 24 Everyone's idea of fun with their partner is different

  25. 25 Foodies vs Wrestling Lovers

  26. 26 Her hair are a genuine concern


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