Look Closely (35 Misleading Photos)


First impressions aren’t always true; sometimes you need close scrutiny to decipher the reality because seldom things are as simple as they seem to appear. Some photos look quite ordinary first but if you take the time to look at them closely you’ll start to see hilarious stuff within the photos.


Listed in this post are 35 such photos that will trick your eyes at first glance. Buckle up and scroll on peeps. Look closely at the photos and don’t be fooled by first impressions.

  1. 1 Puppy likes slippers

  2. 2 The supporting hand

  3. 3 Weird arm flex

  4. 4 It looks like this hyena is holding hands with my grandson.


  5. 5 It's a mix up of heads and legs

  6. 6 Behind the wall?

  7. 7 Nice legs

  8. 8 Nice body Mr. Ahmed

  9. 9 The beanie has a strong thread base

  10. 10 Spot the body

  11. 11 This guy is going to hell for this

  12. 12 More like "Sin-field"

  13. 13 2 Girls 1 Head

  14. 14 Ryan Gosling, is that you?

  15. 15 These socks.

  16. 16 What a bicep she's got

  17. 17 If Shark Attack was a comedy

  18. 18 Nose kissing

  19. 19 When you workout only one arm of yours

  20. 20 Good old bent leg

  21. 21 Weird dressing for a teacher

  22. 22 Ketchup on a piece of wood

  23. 23 My friend cut her dog’s hair and made a whole new dog with it!

  24. 24 This log looks like a crocodile

  25. 25 Perfecting the model pose

  26. 26 If You Look Closely, It’s Not a Human Spider

  27. 27 He has no idea

  28. 28 Wanna try a beard?

  29. 29 Kitty likes Pepsi

  30. 30 Rainy days are fun when you're in Asia

  31. 31 Watch carefully, When you see it...

  32. 32 My actual body proportions

  33. 33 This cat is enormous.

  34. 34 This picture of my cat looks like he is floating

  35. 35 When you can't feel your arm for a while and then it comes back

  36. 36 For surveillance purposes


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