Laziness is the Mother of Invention – 30 Creative Lazy People


You must have once or twice heard somewhere that “laziness often can be the mother of most inventions.”  Yes, Folks! It’s true. It can act as a catalyst that pushes progress forward.

All the inventions of history such as the remote control, the cordless phones, automatic machines or elevators are proof that their inventor was looking for some hack to make his lazy life easier. So, creative geniuses exist all around us. They’re lazy, they’re wacky, and they invent solutions of many problems like no other! You’ll see them coming up with all sorts of hilarious hacks that solve everyday life problems in the minimal possible cost.


In this post, we have listed up 30 photos of lazy yet creative people who prove that laziness is the mother of invention. Scroll on peeps and find inspiration to think out of the box like these guys. Who knows, perhaps you can come up with something like this too!

  1. 1 Giving a new meaning to "taking your dog out for a walk"

  2. 2 Good Rc car for DIY Floor Sweeper?

  3. 3 Millennial taking notes

  4. 4 Saving time on Halloween


  5. 5 When you ask your sons to do the garden maintenance today

  6. 6 Get me a better home theater than this

  7. 7 My janitor is the best

  8. 8 What a perfect day for a walk

  9. 9 Innovation (or just a new level of laziness)

  10. 10 Idea of the winter

  11. 11 Too lazy to get any closer. its Sunday after all

  12. 12 Laziness level: Asian

  13. 13 I may have crossed the line between "lifehack" and "lazy"...

  14. 14 When daddy does the parenting

  15. 15 When you can't find the remote controller

  16. 16 Modern problems require modern solutions

  17. 17 Eating cereal when you're late for work

  18. 18 Because who likes cold food?

  19. 19 Too lazy to get up and turn the lights out? No problem. Pop some darts into your trusty Nerf gun and shoot the light switch.

  20. 20 Because getting up is not an option

  21. 21 Quick Wash.... genius lazy!!

  22. 22 Getting a little extra comfy

  23. 23 Chilling at work

  24. 24 Mother Russia

  25. 25 Lazy Lawnmower

  26. 26 The rider that was promised

  27. 27 As she gets older he's going to get kicked in the face if he keeps that up.

  28. 28 Core exercises are necessary

  29. 29 All the comfort of home on the road

  30. 30 Adjust the time yourself


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