30 Funny Photos of Kids Who Really Hate Shopping


Most adults absolutely love shopping. For some people the experience is even therapeutic! The same can’t be said about kids. Kids like freedom and fun. They’re not too fond of rules and confinement. So as expected, kids are not really on their best behavior when they go to the mall.

Some of them suffice by making faces or snoozing off, others wreak havoc on anything they can get their hands on. Shopping with kids can seriously be quite an adventure!


Listed in this post are 30 hilarious photos of kids who really hate shopping. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Early morning shopping shenanigans

  2. 2 She says she wants to go home

  3. 3 J Lo has the same issues while shopping

  4. 4 He's been standing like this for 5 minutes now


  5. 5 The supermarket people didn't let him take his shopping cart inside

  6. 6 My son really hates shopping

  7. 7 This is how I control my little on in the supermarket

  8. 8 Shopping days are the worst

  9. 9 Level of frustration is too damn high

  10. 10 The look of an annoyed child

  11. 11 Sorting games

  12. 12 She's been sleeping like this since we got here

  13. 13 This is where the kids stay while I shop

  14. 14 Spot the culprit

  15. 15 Deep sleep session going on

  16. 16 He refuses to walk

  17. 17 Throw some cereal boxes on me, it's cold

  18. 18 I had been looking for him until I saw this

  19. 19 Found near the barbie aisle

  20. 20 He found a mattress to sleep on

  21. 21 So done with your shit mom

  22. 22 Bed testing in progress

  23. 23 They said the mall would be fun...

  24. 24 When you really don't have better things to do

  25. 25 Just saw this girl who apparently hates shopping

  26. 26 When mommy's so busy shopping she forgets about you so you find new friends...

  27. 27 Waiting games...

  28. 28 Wake me up when September ends

  29. 29 Spot the kid

  30. 30 When you're 5, it's the funnest thing to do while shopping. When you're a parent it's the most annoying thing for a kid to do while shopping


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