It’s Hard to Explain (34 Bizarre Photos)


Sometimes, there are photos that make no sense whatsoever. They make you wonder whether or not there is a backstory to make sense out of them. Imagine this, if you see a man with the head full of coins instead of hair. What is the first thought that will come to your mind? We bet you’ll think that are we missing some kind of secret trend that popularized around the internet and escaped our eye? Or is this some kind of sick prank?  Well, fellows! The only explanation we could think of is that there is a lot that goes on in the world that cannot be justified.


Scroll down and enjoy the mind numbingly weird yet hilarious pictures that will leave you with a billion questions by the end of our compiled list. But don’t worry, we bet you are gonna end this list with a wide smile on your face because these are absolutely hilarious.

  1. 1 I wanna be this rich one day

  2. 2 That tree just rose from the ruins

  3. 3 Apparently, this was a way to cure the headache

  4. 4 How all kind of pointy shoes look to me


  5. 5 Friendship goals

  6. 6 How obsessed are you

  7. 7 The right kind of supply chain

  8. 8 Privacy? What's that?

  9. 9 Someone's getting fired

  10. 10 Pink and fluffy

  11. 11 The perfect paint job doesn't exi...

  12. 12 Do mermaids really need abs?

  13. 13 We've got dresses for Christmas

  14. 14 A guy has a family to keep happy after all

  15. 15 Connection building technique

  16. 16 What's your favorite prop?

  17. 17 Right before getting waxed

  18. 18 Women are two-faced

  19. 19 Cinderella 2.0

  20. 20 The bat-princess

  21. 21 People in the UK have a fun search history

  22. 22 When short girls wear long legged jeans

  23. 23 Be as tough as this balloon

  24. 24 Somebody explain this

  25. 25 Living the shiny life

  26. 26 Who needs food when you can eat yourself

  27. 27 Creepy much

  28. 28 Here's my demon

  29. 29 How far can you go for love?

  30. 30 What Kayaking for longer periods can do to you

  31. 31 The sausage of my eye

  32. 32 Me on my driving license photograph

  33. 33 Seconds before you're about to go

  34. 34 Beauty and muscle, the perfect combo


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