It’s Always a Pleasant Surprise to See These Comparisons (30 Photo)


They say men are from mars and women are from Venus. They couldn’t be more different, right? Everything regarding them is somehow always poles apart. Similarly, 1990’s technology is much more different than today’s modern one, isn’t it? 6’8″ tall man who gauges 340 pounds vs a standard estimated man or small correspondent contrasting hands with a basketball player. Well, folks! We think comparison photos are often the most fun to look at! Sometimes you can only truly appreciate something by making comparisons with slightly altered parameters.


Side-By-Side comparisons of everything from a country’s favorite tipple over the years to technological advances in street lighting, listed up in this post are 30 photos that will make you say, “Now, that’s a comparison worth seeing.” Scroll on to see for yourself and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Mums Vs. Dads

  2. 2 Tiny reporter comparing hands with NBA Player.

  3. 3 During and after a shower

  4. 4 We harvested our first batch of zucchini today. My one month old for scale.


  5. 5 1990 vs. 2018

  6. 6 This guy has one hell of a wrench

  7. 7 This 6’8″ tall man who weighs 340 pounds with a regular-sized man next to him

  8. 8 I have a hereditary gap in my eyebrow

  9. 9 Plus size Nike mannequin!

  10. 10 This UNIT of a Pringles can I came across in Italy

  11. 11 Polar bear paw compared to human hands

  12. 12 Women Basketball Players vs Cheerleaders

  13. 13 How they grow so fast.

  14. 14 Obama's first State of the Union compared to his last, WITHOUT the skin smoothing on his first picture or a mid-blink picture on his last to make him look more tired older than he really is.

  15. 15 Michelin's biggest tire vs their smallest tire

  16. 16 Caught someone else’s camera flash when taking this photo of snow falling at Ginzan Onsen

  17. 17 A jumbo jet next to a small-engine airplane

  18. 18 Big change today. 8 years of dreads chopped of. 12 years since my last haircut.

  19. 19 My aunts cat is HUGE as big as a medium-sized dog!

  20. 20 My friend’s dad is really proud of the banana tree he’s been growing. He’s 5’7 for scale.

  21. 21 Instagram vs red carpet

  22. 22 Big Man!

  23. 23 Michigan. The View At 9am Vs. 11am

  24. 24 "Shark’s brain vs Dolphin’s brain"

  25. 25 Similarity between a Peregrine Falcon and a B-2 Stealth Bomber

  26. 26 My friend took this photo from the fishing boat she works on in Antarctica

  27. 27 What humans see compared to what birds see

  28. 28 Girlfriend posting vs boyfriend posting

  29. 29 First day of Primary School vs Last day of Teacher Training

  30. 30 When I Was Looking Through My Photos, I Realized I Unknowingly Took Two Pictures Of The Same Bull, 5 Years Apart, At A Ranch I Visit In Texas


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